Christopher Dillingham

Whistles, Concertina, Vocals, Bones

Mandolin, Guitar


Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals


Cúlarán formed in 2017 to add joy to the already vibrant Bay Area Irish music scene.

We’re game to play. For inquiries, email cularanband@gmail.com .


We are friends who met at the Starry Plough in Berkeley, united by our love of traditional Irish music and dance. In part, Cúlarán is a successor to The Elderberries, which gigged steadily from 2012 -16. 


You can expect from us free and roving sets of several hours or more, comprising jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, aires, waltzes, slides, slip jigs, and songs both rowdy and reverent. We’re a tight, energized céilí band.


This is good-time music—perfect for weddings, wakes, and other celebrations.


We are available as an amplified band, but we generate enough volume to fill a medium-sized room or cozy outdoor space with wild and wondrous fully-acoustic music (no cabaret license required).

Images courtesy of Kelly Puleio Photography

                   and Bob Marshak & Kirston Koths