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We don't post a heck of a lot to this website. We mostly just play, getting into the moment, giving it our all, taking in the yawning after-void of a gig, and keeping moving. 

When we last played at the Plough & Stars, it was for the marvelous step dancers. On a whim, I connected our trusty old analog mixer to a computer with some gizmo, hit record, and mostly forgot about it.   

Anyway, have a listen (headphones recommended) to a couple fine reels: the Collier's and the Beauty Spot. Features Jason Courtney on bouzouki. Jason usually joins us for these dances.

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After the dance

We love playing for dances, and this last one was no exception. 


Thanks to Marty and the folks at Lucca Bar in Benicia for hosting our show today. And to the good people who came to enjoy. That's a great spot. Check it out.


'Twas great pleasure to supply music to all the dancers and listeners at the Plough and Stars last night. A special shout goes out to our own Christopher Dillingham, whose intimate knowledge of the dance forms really makes it possible for Cúlarán to meet the demand. And thanks to everyone who came out for the night.



Cúlarán's coming shows featured in The Bohemian

Gather Round 

Cularan blends Irish music with jigs, polka, waltzes

By Charlie Swanson

Read it here.

Gig Recap

Great thanks to our familiar dancing allies and all others who came to the Bistro on Friday. And on Saturday at the Plough & Stars we were treated to the wildly good feedback loop completed by a contingent of zany, uninhibited folk --- some experiencing Irish music for the first time --- who just boogied right down. Most excellent! 

Misc. St. Paddy's event

Philip, aka Rufus (don't ask...) is appearing March 17, noon - 1:30 at the fabulous Oakland pub, Sláinte, for a set with Erin Thompson and Bryan Seet. More about Sláinte here.

Our pleasure!

Joyous Goodbye to 2017

Cúlarán could not have had a better time running out the old year than with our back-to-back shows at the Starry Plough & the Plough and Stars. 

Thank you to our hosts, and all the new and familiar guests who joined in our mirth --- and great thanks to Shay Black for playing for and with us.

Next: we're planning for St. Paddy's, and meanwhile for céilí dances and other performances. Stay tuned, people.

Lovely Session

The Starry Plough session was on Saturday for a change, which might explain why there were many first-time guests tonight---some of whom stayed all night. What a charming, old-world scene. The music just flowed. Lovely.


75% of Cúlarán were present, and 100% are looking forward to playing at the Plough again, later this week.

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Thanks, mr. peasantchurl, whoever you are.

Bistro Report 

Special thanks to Terrin & the crew at the Bistro (here) in Hayward. A healthy contingent of enthused dancers always gets us going, and our guests did just that.

What is a "cularan" anyway?

Cúlarán, n.  

1. Conopodium majus or "pignut" (Irish Gaelic);

2. cucumber (Scots Gaelic).

Still confused? We don't blame you. Because we emphasize the Irish, we offer the handy, suspenseful, and rewarding video above.


Sorry -- no cucumber videos at this time... 

The Starry Session, Berkeley

The Starry Plough is Cularan's home base. The pub has been hosting a welcoming trad session every Sunday night for decades.


The session gets going at 8 o'clock. The food is excellent, and the scene is wonderful. Check it out sometime.